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HYC serves as a fundraising alliance within our community operating exclusively for charitable purposes.

Hubbard Youth Coalition Inc. (HYC) was founded in 2020, but the vision began well before the nonprofit 501(c)(3) was officially formed. As parents and active members of our Hubbard community we see the added advantages young people have when they are able to be competitive through academic achievement, health and physical development and have community support during times of hardship or crisis. We've seen in our own families and friendships the added motivation and drive young people have when they know someone is not only cheering them on, but also providing tangible resources they may not otherwise have access to in making their goals a reality. 

In asking "how can we help?" when we'd hear of an unmet need of a Hubbard youth the vision to have a local nonprofit to fill in the gap was birthed. We knew it could offer a source of support in our community to provide young people with additional means to make a better today and also impact lives for a brighter future. HYC was formed to put that vision into action.

HYC serves as a source of necessary tools, resources or funds to under-resourced youth. We focus our efforts in three specific areas: 1) Academic Achievement, 2) Health and Physical Development and 3) Community Service. We actively involve local youth with opportunities to volunteer to cultivate community mindedness and offer a better understanding of the needs of the society and world around them. 

HYC creates, hosts and partners in charitable events that are unique, participatory and inspiring. We continue to enhance our capability to fulfil our service-minded vision and mission by establishing partnerships with local organizations, civic leaders, community members and school districts.

Contact HYC with ideas or needs within our local youth community for fundraising or resource consideration. HYC, though not limited to serve any geographic territory, as a practical matter will initially serve the youth of the Hubbard, Ohio community where the non-profit has its origins.

Team Talk

James & Kim Chaney

Joe & Kelli Komlanc

Bob Thompson


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